We were college students, I still lived at home with my parents and Jeremy was staying with a friend Fred in a small flat that they had both decided to rent.

There were always the continuous stream of jokes that Jeremy snored but it wasn’t long before Fred moved out and Zack moved in, which in retrospect became the pattern.
My parents were relatively strict and staying a complete night at Jeremy’s apartment, was out of the question until I had finalised my degree.

The following year I moved in, nothing could have prepared me for the abuse on my ears and lack of sleep. Jeremy had to do something about his snoring, there was no way that I was going spend a lifetime like this.

My desperate attempt – Do earplugs work?

The first purchase solution I tried was Earplugs (especially designed to block snoring)
Conclusion: They were not designed to ward off this army of decibels and they found their way quickly into my drawer.

It was now up to Jeremy, the nudging and the turning was keeping us both awake and the lack of sleep was taking a toll on our relationship, my new career also had started to loose its lustre. The evenings I should have been sleeping were spent on the internet researching snoring. Snoring had become the new obsession.

There are different types of snoring?

Nasal snoring

snoring – nose cones

I started to listen to Jeremy’s snoring, is it his nose, his sinuses (is he a nasal snorer)? We did the Nasal test.

Look in a mirror, press the side of one nostril to close it. With your mouth closed, breathe in through your other nostril. Does your nostril tend to collapse? Test both nostrils.

Jeremy was not convinced that his one nostril did not collapse and we had nothing to loose but another sleepless night. I bought the Nasal spray, it stung like crazy, sent Jeremy into a sneezing fit. No that did not work. The Nasal dilators were the next option, Jeremy patiently read the instructions and inserted the plastic cones in his nostrils. Jeremy felt he could breathe through his nose better than before so I think they would have worked if his snoring had come from his nose but this was not Jeremy’s snoring solution.

Mouth snoring

Maybe Jeremy was a mouth snorer. I was quite excited to try the next test and asked Jeremy to follow my instructions.

Open your mouth and make a snoring noise. Now close your mouth and try to make the same noise. Can you only snore with your mouth open?

After trying this test several times, we also could not come to a guaranteed conclusion.

mouth.jpgJeremy did sometimes wake in the morning with a dry mouth and a bit of a sore throat, one of the symptoms with bad breath. Although I did not notice it before, his mouth did fall open every now and again while he slept.

Maybe this was it?

So off I went and bought the chin up straps. Personally I could not wait to stick these on Jeremy, we were both in hysterics, and I challenged him to say his last few words before applying the patch. The snoring did seem to be less, but maybe it was more muffled, due to his mouth being partially stuck closed. Pulling the patch off was a bit painful and left a red rash for good part of the morning.

There was another solution the chin strap, but Jeremy put his foot down to this solution and felt he had concluded he was not a mouth snorer.

Tongue and Soft palate snoring

In retrospect, maybe we should have tried this test first, but the other solutions seemed much more like a quick fix. 80% of all people who snore are tongue and soft palate snorers. I should have guessed, Jeremy’s neck size at least 17 inches and he has always carried a bit of weight, he smoked socially and also had a drink most nights. This seemed like the cocktail for this type of snorer.

Ok now for the test.

Push your lower jaw forward or stick your tongue out as far as it will go and grip it between your teeth. Now try to make a snoring noise.

Is the snoring noise reduced with your jaw or tongue in this forward position?

I jumped up and down excitedly in front of Jeremy as he pushed his lower jaw forward in a bulldog pose and tried to snore. There were a variety of solutions available, and seeing the choice of products online we knew Jeremy and I were not alone.

Snoremeds anti-snoring device

Jeremy chose the mouthguard snoring device, a mid-range priced version with a good reputation. Molding the device was simple, but following the instructions is important for the snoring device to work. We were both quite excited to see how well it worked and climbed into bed hoping this was the last and we could put the snoring obsession to bed.

It was the first night in a few months of moving in with Jeremy that I got my first night of sleep. We are both happy with the solution we have found. Jeremy says it will take a little getting used to and finds he has to move his jaw around in the mornings before getting tucked into his cereal. But the snoring problem is solved, in fact, Jeremy seems less tired himself and his energy levels have increased. I have my life, a future with my boyfriend and my new career is back on track, it is amazing what a good night of sleep can do.

So if you have a boyfriend who snores – help him and Order Today – try it, buy it, and have a good night of sleep.