And how we probably feel for the rest of the day

I have always loved climbing into bed, the feeling of the crispy white sheets against my skin, the warmth of my bed, and the safety of my bedroom. Interrupt my sleep for any reason and I can go through a complete mood change that can last into the following day.

So why is 8hrs of sleep so important?

  • When you are asleep your brain is surprisingly busy.
  • Your brain stores new information and practices new tasks learned during the day. The important information gets reinforced and the useless facts that we do not need get trashed.
  • Your heart rate and breathing slows down. Your blood pressure and body temperature drops almost by a degree. There is less adrenalin traveling through the veins and your muscles relax which gives them time to repair. Intestines and other vital organs slow down, cleanse and repair. Hormones are produced, vital hormones that manage your growth and weight.

Sufficient sleep benefits your mood, learning ability, and weight and is the key to a healthy lifestyle.

Let healthy sleep behaviors become a habit!

Ignoring the fact that you do not get sufficient sleep can be a habit that can change the course of life and not necessarily for the better. Here are a few tips that will fast-track you to better sleep.

  • Wind down by reading, rather than electronic devices or television
  • Eat and drink about 3 hours before you are planning to sleep
  • Make sure that your bedroom is dark
  • Exercise during the day

Wishing you a good night’s rest — SnoreMeds Team