I have manufactured snoring products for the last decade and it is no wonder that sleep and snoring are popular topics at my dinner table. My guests describe how snoring destroys their intimacy. It is all dependent on whether snorers are willing to change. They need to find a solution to pave the way to greater understanding and a more loving compassionate relationship.

I know it is one thing to wake up tired, but continuous interrupted sleep can lead to frustration, irritation and resentment between couples. Snoring interferes with intimacy and often leads to one party sleeping in a separate bedroom. I have heard so many snorers say this separation evokes feelings of rejection, guilt, helplessness and leaves them feeling isolated in the relationship.

It is vital to look for a snoring solution. Poor quality sleep is not only detrimental to our relationship but harmful to our health and overall well being. It affects our concentration skills and judgement. We find ourselves short tempered, irritable and reduces our ability to compromise and manage conflict… a recipe for a relationship disaster!

“Your life does not get better by Chance , it gets better by Change “- Jim Rohn

Up to 40% of American couples are sleeping separately. Although this might be acceptable for some, it might not bring that intimacy that others seek. But it does not have to be this way. There are a number of solutions available to stop snoring.

CPAP (Continuous positive airway pressure) is for extreme snoring cases, used mainly for sleep apnea. Other products on the market are more easily tolerated for snoring and light obstructive sleep apnea.

Anti snoring mouthpieces (Mandibular advancement devices) are available either as boil and bite or adjustable versions. They adjust the lower jaw forward, tensing the airway and opening it for a free low of air.

Tongue Retaining Devices, hold the tongue forward to prevent the tongue from blocking the air flow.
There are no right or wrong solutions. Find one that works for your snoring that can easily be integrated into your lifestyle.

I have found that tending to a snoring issue in a relationship not only benefits a couple with better sleep but also brings couples closer. Sleeping together is the goal. It is important to find a solution and bring love and intimacy back into the bedroom.

If you want to start with a product that works try SnoreMeds, even my family use it.