Is surgery the ultimate snoring solution?


I did not want to be the bearer of bad news, but NO there is no cure for snoring! However there are some remedies and snoring solutions that work better than others.

We are often asked if surgery would permanently cure snoring and I am sure many more snorers would opt for this solution if there was a definite YES. ENT specialists regard this type of surgery as non invasive.
So we asked a few Snorers who had the procedure:

  • how well it worked?
  • how the pain was tolerated?
  • and did it stop the snoring indefinitely?

A large percentage of the patients interviewed described extreme pain and discomfort. A few had trouble swallowing food and keeping it down after the Uvula was lasered.
The patients who opted for the Pillar implants ( a procedure where pillar implants are surgically placed in the soft tissue) found this a less aggressive option. This was not a long term solution and implants would need to be replaced in the future.
There are a number of other surgical procedures that range from removal of polyps and correcting nasal deformities, but reducing the snoring vibrations would not be the primary reason for this type of surgery.

So what are the majority of Snorers using?

It is important to find out WHY or WHAT is causing the snoring vibrations. Choosing a snoring solution is a very personal decision. We spoke to a number of Snorers about their journey and these products below were the most popular choices.

Mandibular advancement devices haven proven extremely popular and have been in the market for over a decade. There are a number of these snoring devices available to purchase on the internet. They range from the simple boil and bite to the adjustable versions and all seemed to be well tolerated.

Our research noted a few popular brands:

SnoreMeds is a safe and trusted boil and bite mouthpiece, with a 5 star rated mouthpiece for women.

SnoreRX is an advanced adjustable anti snoring mouthpiece that can be adjusted in small 1mm increments.

Zyppah is a dual anti snoring device that holds the jaw forward and the tongue down.

Tongue retaining devices

These devices hold the tongue forward and prevent it from falling back and blocking the airway.

Good Morning Snore Solution is a popular brand .

Snoring is a very real problem and not a laughing matter for either the snorer or their partner. It can reap havoc in a relationship, family, health and work place.

Until there is a cure for snoring, there will be plenty of snoring solutions available, guaranteed there will be one that will work for you.