I was pleasantly surprised to find that health related goals hit the top list of resolutions this year.


  • Loose Weight
  • Get Fit
  • Sleep better
  • Stop smoking
  • Drink less alcohol

It is no co-incidence that gym memberships sky rocket in January and decline by October. This just reinforces that a high percentage of us mere mortals struggle to achieve our goals.

Interestingly enough a USA university performed a personal goal survey to see if they could assist students with not just setting goals but also achieving them. 40 students were randomly selected and told to jot down 5 goals for the year. Most of the students knew exactly what they wanted to achieve and the list was prepared within the hour.

20 of the 40 students were taken into a separate room and were asked to spend adequate time assessing and scheduling their goals.

  • Steps on how they were going to achieve the goal.
  • How much time it was going to take.
  • How much finance, if any, they were going to need.
  • Planning a timeline for the year until the goal was accomplished.

These students became more aware that they needed to prioritise their goals and maybe extend the timeline for completion. The blue print, created a map with a time stamp. The large goal now had smaller achievable markers that paved the pathway to the final goal. Writing and speaking about their goal reinforced a sense of commitment.

It was documented at year end that the 20 students who just jotted down a few goals, failed with only 3 students managing to achieve their goal. Yet the 20 students who prepared, planned and factored in a time line, 13 students went on to achieve their goals. A few of these students commented, that achieving their goals gave them an amazing sense of accomplishment and confidence for their future and belief in their own capabilities. There was no doubt that this excercise had changed their thinking not only about their goals but their self and self worth.

“ A goal without a plan is just a wish – by Antoine de Saint Exupery”

This year I have put pen to paper and have my blue print for goal success in action. So I challenge you to do the same, if your goal is to loose weight or sleep better, start by building a blue print. It might take additional effort at the beginning, but while you have the enthusiasm of the new year it will pave the way to achieving your goal?