Why don’t we want to do something about it?

To answer this question directly, I think we have become complacent!

Snoring in a relationship is not a one person problem, it directly affects your partner. Snoring rates high on the list as one of the main causes of relationship breakdowns. It generally starts with a gentle nudge in the ribs, then off to the couch, then separate sleeping arrangements. Yet we still ignore the problem hoping it will go away. Plain and simply snoring is selfish if you do not do something about it.

So you don’t care about your relationship or your partner and you are the person that tells your lover to buy some ear plugs.

So what about yourself?

Several health issues are associated with snoring, from high blood pressure to strokes. For a the majority of people who snore the cause is related to the soft tissue or tongue falling back and blocking the airway. If we have a blockage in our airway during the day we do something about it, so why are we not practising the same concern at night?

Do we enjoy living a life of inadequate sleep, our work days merging in a mist of sleep deprivation? The excess weight increases, coupled with no motivation to exercise or enjoy an active life. So why are we not trying everything to find some snoring solution?

I think it is because we learn to live with it, we become selfish, lazy and complacency creeps in.

But when do we change?

Jack .. “oh my wife divorced me, so I went on to find a solution for my snoring, lost the weight and feel so much better in myself”

Donald .. “ there was no way I could keep a relationship, I met a girl I was keen on, I wanted to ask her over for a night but knew it was the end if she heard me snore.”

Virginia … “ my health was deteriorating, I had put on excessive weight and I was depressed from lack of sleep, I wanted a normal life, but knew I had to put an end to the snoring.”

Maybe it is because there is no known cure for snoring? BUT .. there are definitely snoring products available which control it. The products on the market are personal choices, they are just like everything else we choose, we have our favourite underwear to our preference of bread and milk.

Snoring products are no different, but there will be one that will work for you.

Good luck on your journey, stop snoring and it will change your life forever.