Dog Stops man from SNORING and saves his marriage!

In this case loyal dog Murphy is this couples best friend.

Every night Gerald and his wife Emily tuck into bed with Murphy their Beagle. “Gerald snores” laughs Emily “but he has eventually found a solution wearing a snoring device when he sleeps. “Murphy hates Gerald’s snoring, I think it is because dog’s ears are more sensitive than ours, or he can sense my irritation.” Murphy paws at Gerald even if his breathing changes briefly until he wakes and puts the stop snoring mouthpiece in his mouth.” Emily is delighted she tells us amusingly, “Murphy and SnoreMeds have saved our marriage and my beauty sleep,

I think Murphy was also looking for a good night’s sleep too.”

We chatted with a Spokesperson of SnoreMeds International. “We thought the story was hilarious, but jokes aside Snoring is a real problem and has a negative impact on a multitude of relationships. Our solution is a simple one but works from the first night” says Philippa Logan.