Although both men and women snore, the majority of snorers are men. Snoring increases with age, so many men who have never snored are often surprised to find out that they are keeping their partners awake every night. While snoring can sometimes affect the health of a snorer, it almost always impacts both the quality of sleep and the quality of life of his family. It can also ruin relationships and damage couples’ sex lives.

A recent Mayo Clinic study of 827 men between 51 and 90 showed that, as snoring increased, sexual satisfaction declined. Heavy snorers were twice more likely to report low sexual satisfaction. Snoring also spills over into the workplace. Tired employees battle don’t have patience for fellow employees and customers, make more mistakes, and have a higher rate of absenteeism and little motivation, costing businesses dearly.

Worst still, sleep-deprived workers operating machinery, tools, and vehicles have similar reaction times as those driving under the influence of alcohol with potentially expensive and dangerous consequences.

SnoreMeds has plenty of constructive advice for couples trying to breach the snoring divide:

  • Don’t avoid the problem: Not discussing this won’t make it go away. Conflicts fester and increase when ignored. The only way to combat a problem is to solve it.
  • Don’t do it alone: There is plenty of information on the SnoreMeds website. Get advice from a doctor and support from friends and family.
  • Choose the right time: Time your talk carefully, avoiding early morning or late night discussions when you are both tired and irritable.
  • Think before you speak and avoid lashing out: Be calm and respectful rather than confrontational.
  • Discuss don’t accuse: Reassure him that you love him but not his snoring and that your relationship is a priority.
  • Be understanding and supportive: See the problem through both his and your eyes. While it is important to tell him about the bad effect lack of sleep is having on you, it is just as important to ensure that he is not left feeling vulnerable and threatened.
  • Don’t bear grudges: Deal with this conflict without resentment. Grudges push partners apart.
  • Avoid punishing: Spouses can both knowingly or unknowingly punish their partners by withdrawing their love, continually ridiculing or shaming them, or making them feel guilty.
  • Identify the cause to find the cure: If your partner is suffering from sleep apnea or nasal, sinus, and allergy problems, get medical advice. Deal with lifestyle problems such as excessive weight, eating large meals or drinking alcohol, and taking sedatives before bedtime which make snoring worse.

Try the SnoreMeds mouthpiece which gently moves the lower jaw forward, opening the throat and keeping the airway unobstructed. More than 85 percent of snorers and their partners who have tried it, find it helps.