The truth about women and snoring!

Snoring and sleep apnea are conditions that have been thought only to affect more men than women. Men often report their snoring problem early to their GP and get earlier diagnosis and referrals for sleep studies. Women are more embarrassed about their snoring problem and tend not to mention it or seek help with online products for self-diagnosis.

The typical symptoms of snoring and sleep apnea are the same in men and women, the noise of snoring with the gasping for breath, excessive daytime sleepiness, impaired concentration, depressed mood, weight gain, and headaches.

Women are often misdiagnosed as their age category tends to tie in with the years of menopause and hypothyroidism (which generally affects a higher percentage of women than men).

The leading cause of snoring in women and men is the soft tissue in the upper airway falling back and partially blocking the airway. The air moving past this soft tissue creates a snoring sound and if this soft tissue blocks the airway completely then this becomes a more serious problem of Sleep apnea.

There are very few snoring solutions that have been specifically designed for women and most anti-snoring devices although they say one size fits all, tend to be too large for most ladies who have a smaller mouths.

SnoreMeds anti-snoring solutions with a team of professionals came up with a smaller mouthpiece design, with a deeper bite.

How do women feel about wearing the snoring device?

Women are more conscious of their appearance than men. Most women we surveyed enjoyed the fact that the mouthpiece was made from a clear material, it was small and non-intrusive to wear. They felt it was an easy solution to their annoying snoring problem simple to pop it in their mouth just before going to sleep. It is far more discreet than snoring the house down.

How does it feel to sleep with a snoring device?

Following up on the survey, it took most of the ladies about a week or two to get used to wearing the mouthpiece. They described it as their first week of the gym and I suppose it is! The mouthpiece holds the lower jaw a few increments forward pulling the tongue and soft tissue forward and opening the airway. 85% of the ladies we surveyed said they were sleeping soundly after their first week and the discomfort had gone after the second week. They all said they would rather wear the snoring device than snore.

Is the snoring device a long-term solution?

Several months after the survey the ladies were asked if they had continued with the anti-snoring mouthpiece. The majority of the ladies were thrilled with the outcome. Sleeping with the mouthpiece had become a natural bedtime habit and they were waking up with more energy, less irritability, and feeling refreshed. Some of the ladies who also were grinding their teeth had found a dual purpose for the SnoreMeds mouthpiece. The lower percentage of the group came to the realisation that snoring was the warning sign of a long-term health problem and used the mouthpiece as a short-term solution, a few of them have gone on to drop off the excessive weight they were carrying. SnoreMeds can be found globally online and in selected pharmacies.