Are we talking about weight and hormones again? Well yes.

I am menopausal, my estrogen levels are nonexistent. My body weight is harder to control and the texture of my skin has started to change.

I would be naive to think that these exterior visible changes were not happening from an internal level as well. It is at this point I have to admit that I have been told I snore. When I am asleep the air passing through my narrowed airway causes the soft tissue at the back of my throat to vibrate, hence the noise.  Some nights are worse than others, especially after a glass of wine.

Health has been top of my mind this year and snoring is the alarm tone reminding me it is time to take action. I also felt a little guilty and responsible for disrupting my partner’s sleep leaving my needless to say, very understanding partner, grumpy and unmotivated for the day ahead.

A lifestyle change, for the better.

I have started to walk-jog again and have added a touch of Yoga to build natural strength. It will be a slow road back but the difference is noticeable. I am eating cleaner foods, fewer carbs, and more protein. Forfeiting that glass of wine has been more difficult than I thought.

Don’t do it alone.

I empathise with other women of my age who are hiding their affliction. My partner has really appreciated the effort I am making to change so that both of us can get the sleep we need. My goal is in sight, but I still need a snoring mouthpiece that helps the free flow of air while I sleep. I would like to believe that SnoreMeds for women is the answer for every woman who snores but we all differ. I always tell my friends it is like buying underwear, a bit of trial and error before you find the brand which offers you your perfect fit.

Motivation is a tough one, when it comes to exercising I gather up my friends. We all realise we are in a similar situation, so we push, laugh, and journey together on our quest for a healthier life.


anti-snoring mouthpiece for women  ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

At last a small fit mouthpiece. The instructions are good I am glad there was a video, it gives you more confidence during the fitment. Happy sleep, thank you.
Joan B.