Our beloved pets can also contribute to our sleepless nights

Although there are hundreds of remedies and solutions for snoring, human snoring that is, no one has come up with the ultimate solution to help us out with our pets.

Who hasn’t spent endless nights surfing the net, looking for cures, and trying to imagine using the nose clip or how they can custom mold the snoring mouthpiece to Brutus the Yorki’s jaw? The concept should be the same, maybe we can reconstruct the Chinstrap out of an elastic band to hold his jaw forward or find a way for him to tolerate the snoring spray without losing his fingers in the process.

We took the problem to our local vet and came up with a few hints but no real snoring solution.

  1. Buy your dog a comfortable bed and if you hear him snore lift his head higher.
  2. The vet explained that we humans can cuddle up under our blankets but a dog tucks his head in, if he has a comfortable bed and is warm he will lie outstretched and this should help the problem.
  3. Add a pillow to your dog’s bed
  4. Avoid smoking around your dog.
  5. Walk the dog every day, obesity is also a snoring culprit in dogs – “The vet explained you never see a dog exercising itself, exercise is good for us too”
  6. Feed your dog the recommended dog food, there can be some snacks that cause a dog to have more mucous and saliva than usual.

If none of this help, like humans there could be an underlying reason for the snoring, always seek advice!